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Institute of Teacher Education Kadrabad, Modinagar

ITE is the leading pioneer teacher education institution in Uttar Pardesh. Institute of teaching education, Kadrabad was established by shri R N Goel in Dec 1999. The institute got recognized by NCTE for 60 seats in the year 2000 further recognized by NCTE for 100 seats in B.Ed courses. The institute is affiliated to Chaudhary Chran Singh University, Meerut. Besides all this, our institute is adjudg National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore (NAAC). The institute is being managed and maintanied by a section (2f) of UGC in 2005. The college is being maintained by a society devoted to the cause of moral and spiritual enlistment of humanity.

The institute has introduce a scheme of innovative and comprehensive teacher education level which aims at excellence but not at the cost of the relevance, which inculdes: dignity of labour, encourage initiative and creative work, which is multi-disciplinary, which prepares future teachers for the increasingly  techno-oriented society of tomorrow without uprooting them from their culture.

Mooring, this will generate in the alumni the basic value of Humanism, Secularism and Democracy by exposing them to the principle of all the major religions of the world and their own cultural heritage.thus developing in them an integrated personality of well adjusted teacher whose world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic wall.

In the present scenario the role of teacher education has been enlarged, teachers have performed many additional roles in society apart from teaching. They have to act as   agents of change and modernization, cultural reconstruction and social development. Our institute draws its best efforts to make its students effective, result oriented, competent and committed professionals.

Simultaneously, the institute has remarked capacity to adopt changes to pursue the avowed goals and objectives and is responsible to include the desirable values among students. The institute is always ready to expand or modify the core values in conformity with the goal and mission of the institute. In order to achieve the goal of all round development of the student-teacher, the college conducts educational visit, sports and games and programme for celebrating cultural events. Besides this, extension programme undertaken by the institute covers a wide range of activities.

I assure that our institute will go a long way to meet the demand of the society and nation and will help you to prepare more competent teachers to face the new social realities.

To promote academic excellence and create humane, self reliant teachers to face the local and global challenges of the society.

  1. To ornate pupil teachers and future teachers educators with righteous conduct as reflected in our emblem “ Dharma Rakshati Rakshatra”. ”
  2. To produce teachers embodied with cultural traditions of our society and capable of responding to the changing needs of the modern Indian society.

The values of the institution:

  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering Global Competencies among students
  • Inculcating a Values System among Students
  • Promoting Use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Democracy
  • Humaneness in all dealings

  1. To prepare competent, committed teachers/teacher educators.
  2. To develop all round personality of teachers, who can efficiently take the responsibility of developing cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of the students.
  3. To inculcate in student teachers ethical, moral and intellectual qualities, to act as agents of social awakening and reforming.
  4. To train teacher educators to blend conventional method and techniques of teaching and learning with modern information communication technology enabled techniques.
  5. To develop awareness in teachers about the role of education in building up democratic, secular and socialistic pattern of society.
  6. To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge, competence and creativity to face global challenges.
  7. To achieve innovations in teaching-learning, research and extension activities to realize national goals.
  8. To provide higher education to all the students irrespective of their socio-economic and religious status.
  9. To give special attention to the disadvantaged member of the society.
  10. To provide education in computer applications along with conventional courses to the students and enhance their competence to meet the local as well as global needs.
  11. To create awareness on human rights, culture, heritage, and environment.
Strict discipline with guided democracy is adhered to by the management. Any breach of the discipline either inside or outside the campus, will invite strict disciplinary action.
Ragging is strictly prohibited and those who indulge in it will be liable to action as per the provision of the law. However the student are inspired to follow self-discipline as a habit without feeling it something imposed from outside. We have anti ragging committee comprising of chairman, principle and senior teacher.
Dress Code  

ITE has a prescribe uniform for the students which develop a sense of identity with the institute.

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